Class registration was a party! A small intimate party! With a pot of soup, timbits and coffee. Great conversation, lots of laughs and amazing beads! I am so sorry the weather kept so many of you away but although a poor turnout, it was absolutely a wonderful day. Nothing like spending a snow day with a small group of friends held up in a bead store with new beads!

Today I am tired and so I am having another intimate day. I am going to have a long bath with Neil Gaiman. Ok not him but one of his smaller books I have been saving for such an occasion, Neil Gaiman’s   Fortunately the Milk .  Just a silly read, that I have kept under my pillow. For me a book like this is similar to a piece of real short bread, delicious, rare and to be savoured.

Here is a little insight into Gaiman.  I find everything he writes has his depth and exoticness. Yes even when he writes for children.

4.leather-bezels-lezlie 14.tutu-amber 31.Lets-get-started-Bead-embroSpring registration is this Saturday February 21, doesn’t that sound wonderful. SPRING REGISTRATION, SPRING REGISTRATION, SPRING REGISTRATION!!!

Ok everyone knows I  love  registration day, Just like all the events at the shop it has a party atmosphere. And who doesn’t like a good party particularly at  this time of year!! A little colour, good friends, beads and anticipation of some new adventures all those things are much appreciated in my life.

I know Canadians always talk about the weather, but… you believe this WEATHER!!   My son who lives in Whitehorse, texted me and asked if I was considering moving up there, They have been warmer all week, every single day. So SPRING!! registration is sounding like robins and tulips. I can’t promise spring weather but the atmosphere will be warm and inviting. So bundle up and come in and start registration with some laughs, beads and warm smiles from friends.13.Sculptured-vintage-cuff.-we

We have an outstanding line up of both classes and teachers, actually 39 out of the 49 classes are new. The beginning of any project  is filled with potential, it is  like sunrise or new art supplies exciting, revitalizing and full of hope. This particular term is bubbling over with potential.  We have some exciting classes with the new shapes of beads, we have some really exciting new leather classes and metal classes to spark your interest in the hidden qualities of metal. So check out the website or come in and have a look at the samples.


Our guest artist is also pretty amazing. She is worth the trip alone.

If that isn’t enough some of the finds from Tucson are already priced and in the shop. So mark your calendar…bundle up and come and get the spring session off to a warm, colourful, joyous start.19.The-bracelet-Monrena-Lise-2

For those of you that are nearby or are willing to travel a few miles for a good time, please join us tonight to welcome Gail to our beautiful little shop and  into our wonderful community.  Things will get going at  6:30 PM. Gail is doing both a trunk sale and a free wet felting demo.  Desserts and coffee will be served so save some calories to spend at the end of the day!

One of the perks of having an international teacher come to town is, if you’re lucky, you get to show them around.  You know it’s  just  the proper thing to do. I love play days and so yesterday was just that.  I took Gail to Southworks, my favourite antique shop.  I scored some stamps that are  letters and symbols.  They are not  terribly old but well used with lots of character. They will be the perfect scale for sliders we are making tomorrow. I am really excited about doing the course this weekend.  Unfortunately, I have a little voice  in my head saying “Now don’t get too involved, you have to host and keep track of things.”  I guess the practical side is  trying to keep my creative side in line.  We will see who wins.

Remind me to tell you the story sometime of the first drawing class I took, after being home with the kids for a couple of years. I was in the zone I love so much and basically couldn’t even find my car.  

Dave and I took Gail to Niagara Falls in the late afternoon. You can never tire of standing at the top of the falls and just watching and feeling the power of the water, rushing over the edge.

It is beautiful, magnificent, awesome, and humbling.

I sure you can feel my hurry-up in this post.  I have a few last-minute things to do.  Company is coming and company is here.  My son arrived home last night to add to the excitement.  He is only here until Monday.  It never rains but it pours.  I love that he is here, I  get to kiss and have a meal or two with him  before he heads out on another adventure. This time for 4 months.  

Oh yes, Paul Henderson, Jackie’s husband, was talented enough and kind enough to revise  the video of the  invasion of the bawdy beaders.  I first posted about  this event a few days ago.  Enjoy and thanks, Paul. What a fun piece. You can see how much fun  the girls had.  Laughter is so healing.  Ruth and Dave look a little like they are in shock.  I still wish I could have been there.  It is really comforting to know the shop sings even when I am not there.