Yesterday assignment in Blogging 101 was read four blogs and leave comments. I don’t really think of myself as part of the blogging community. I just have never looked at blogging from that perspective. So off I went to explore. I have read only a few other bead artist blogs so it was all new.  It is  very easy to get lost out there in the computer land of blogging. I enjoyed myself immensely but I am not really sure where I was or how I got there. Another play day is needed.

Todays assignment was to write a post about one of those blogs. “Out of my box” had   been challenged to write ” 30 random facts about me”. She did a great job and inspired me to write my about my page in the same way.

fact one. I don’t eat apples, I eat apple sauce but not applesdubonnet

fact two. I don’t have a good poker face. Therefore I just don’t lie because I can’t get away with it.

fact three. I once walked out on a dentist because he was so insensitive, with the rubber dam still in my mouth. (I had to go back and get him to take it off, but I did it and got a new dentist)

fact four.  I registered, paid and showed up for class before I was accepted into my university program. They called me into the office but I just kept going . It took me an extra year but I got my degree.

Fact five. I read out loud in airports if I am sitting beside someone talking on their cell phone and making business calls. (At first I would change sits but there was always another business man being important)

Fact six. I hate change and love learning new things.

Fact seven. Libraries and art supply stores are almost as good as chocolate, and hot home-made bread on a bad day.

fact eight The Queen of England and I both drink  Dubonnet she adds gin to hers I just like a hunk of lemon not a slice, not a wedge a hunk. more about Dubonnet

Ok you get the picture this is a lot of fun but as my mother always said “duty calls ” the store awaits and I’ve got to go. I wanted  to go to the metal supermarket this morning before work,not going to happen. Once again, I have enjoyed having my coffee with you.

I can’t believe a week has passed since I last wrote. I have had so much going on it feels like several weeks.

Last Monday and Tuesday, I spent at the cottage getting back to centre. There is nothing like sitting on the shore of such a powerful lake, listening to the geese head south and have the last of the summer sun warm your face. It really makes you reflect on life, who you are and  where you want to go. I am so excited about the direction my work is taking. I would  share more except it is mostly in the idea stage, although  some  manifestation has  occurred.

I feel fortunate about the pieces I have created because I am in the middle of another exciting project and can’t take time to play with this new direction. I have been asked to contribute to Marcia DeCosters new book, “Marcia DeCoster presents” She is a person I greatly admire and would love  spending  time with her. I will talk more of both her and the work I am doing with her later. Here I want to say … Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am just so excited, a little nervous and very proud to be asked. It is still hard for me to believe she asked this little girl from a small Northern Ontario town and a big family.

Here is a quote  from the letter of invitation

“will profile the exciting work and voices of an international cross-section of contemporary artist who design outstanding work with beads as the primary material”.

Its pretty obvious why I feel the way I do, right?

That is not the only exciting event that happened. I did the Absolute Beginner class this week. What a wonderful group of enthusiastic, talented people. I had seven people who blew me over with their passion. It is pretty amazing to get that influx of energy at the beginning of a new term. The pieces created where stunning. Once again, I was so busy living the experience I didn’t get any pictures.

Thanksgiving weekend is always family time, on Sunday Dave and I got to have a feast with my sister, her husband and my parents. On Monday, we had a wonderful lunch with an old friend, who has always been special to Dave and a new friend that I am excited about getting to know. The weekend came to a perfect close with an intimate meal with my partner, who I am most thankful for. All and all Maggie Muggins … it was a glorious weekend. I did get a little work done, between the fabulous feasts … which I should get back to.


Kate & Marcia's Classes

Kate McKinnon & Marcia DeCoster at Beads of Colour

Since Debi was tripped up by the computer gremlins this morning, she asked if I would update everyone on some pretty cool news! Our classes for Kate McKinnon and Marcia DeCoster this year are going to be incredible! Kate is doing seed bead work (for all levels!) as well as fine silver clay essentials (for those determined to participate in this exciting new medium!), while Marcia DeCoster is going to “feed the bead need” for our more experienced beaders with some great dimensional right angle weave work, including her famous “Urchin Lariat”! Check out the classes on our poster and I can’t wait to see you at the shop on Saturday!

 – Christina