The best things about learning and classes is that you never know where it is going to take you. We are trained to think  linear but in reality the world is not linear. If we allow ourselves to go with the flow, our thoughts and our creativity can take us anywhere. Yet that anywhere is exactly where we belong.

I find when we put ourselves in a learning environment,  we can land in the stars…. or not.  When you are courageous enough to go somewhere you don’t know, allowing someone else to lead, your world changes. It can do nothing else. If you aim for the goal set for you this can be a predictable linear outcome. You will receive what you expected learn a new technique or understand a new concept. Not a bad days work.  Yet it is this new fertile ground of the unknown that has the tantalizing smells of potential, it  is like magic star-dust playing with your vision and mind. Yet it will only be an exotic, intoxicating high until you nourish it,  explore it  and  allow it to change you.  Than  you are  the master. You are the  god of this new world as you are the creator.  It is the magic and uncertainty of the unknown that creates this  tear in our linear world. It is your courage that promotes you to act &  it is your curiosity that pulls you forward and joy that keeps you there. You have entered the endless powerful exploding world of  your imagination. The more people you give passport to the more your world expands.

This is why I  really teach and  that is why I take classes. This is why I buy books this is why I can’t pass up a new box of crayons. To touch potential  & to have the opportunity to crawl through the tears of our linear thinking and fly.  Yes  I can learn new techniques  but hopefully today I will  find the door into my world. When I do, I will issue as many passports as possible so others can visit.  So stay tuned, take a class and report back.