The best things about learning and classes is that you never know where it is going to take you. We are trained to think  linear but in reality the world is not linear. If we allow ourselves to go with the flow, our thoughts and our creativity can take us anywhere. Yet that anywhere is exactly where we belong.

I find when we put ourselves in a learning environment,  we can land in the stars…. or not.  When you are courageous enough to go somewhere you don’t know, allowing someone else to lead, your world changes. It can do nothing else. If you aim for the goal set for you this can be a predictable linear outcome. You will receive what you expected learn a new technique or understand a new concept. Not a bad days work.  Yet it is this new fertile ground of the unknown that has the tantalizing smells of potential, it  is like magic star-dust playing with your vision and mind. Yet it will only be an exotic, intoxicating high until you nourish it,  explore it  and  allow it to change you.  Than  you are  the master. You are the  god of this new world as you are the creator.  It is the magic and uncertainty of the unknown that creates this  tear in our linear world. It is your courage that promotes you to act &  it is your curiosity that pulls you forward and joy that keeps you there. You have entered the endless powerful exploding world of  your imagination. The more people you give passport to the more your world expands.

This is why I  really teach and  that is why I take classes. This is why I buy books this is why I can’t pass up a new box of crayons. To touch potential  & to have the opportunity to crawl through the tears of our linear thinking and fly.  Yes  I can learn new techniques  but hopefully today I will  find the door into my world. When I do, I will issue as many passports as possible so others can visit.  So stay tuned, take a class and report back.





Part of what I would like to do with this blog is show my readers what stimulates me. I know I mostly keep you up to date but I truly want to take some time to show you how I see the world as well. Here are a few shots from an amazing sculpture I saw in Downtown Calgary when I was out to see Suzie of Suzie Q beads at the beginning of the month. I love the mesh work and the graphic shots it produces. The face from inside the head is mystical. This all happened at sunset and it was such a magical exciting experience. Both Suzie and I laughed and giggled as we took the shots.


Who am I and why am I here.

Sounds pretty deep for a Monday morning after 2 weeks without a day off.

(This is the topic for a course I am taking on blogging, so if you are wondering if the trunk sale was good. Yup it was great. The rest of the blog  has nothing to do with the shop. )

The simple answers…. I am a beader and shop owner that wants to keep  all those who are interested, informed about what is going on at my shop Beads of Colour.

Dig a little deeper… I am a woman who’s learning difficulties need to be tamed by actually facing the challenge of writing about my life and putting it out for the public to see.

Dig still a little deeper…I find writing a blog actually helps me understand  who I am  and why I am here . I know that sounds romantic and it is. Life is romantic. When I sit down to write.   I stop… and look careful…. at the moments in my day that add up to my life. My life, my only life and  I recognize that these moments make me…me.

So the next question then why share this with others? I find that the act of sharing makes me dig deeper and creates both honesty and tension in my writing. The honesty is important to me. If you are honest with yourself and others you will grow and change and evolve. I also find the act of sharing creates a perspective that is unique to blogging.

This is where I really  struggle, the concept of sharing.  How much and what to share. My personal life seems open yet my business has boundaries. I know this is strange but true. I believe I am who I am.  I do  know this can change at any moment.  Change it does when I look carefully and honestly at my life and the world. Yet when it comes to my  business  it is not so easy. I am much  more careful about what I share. I find it involves  so many others and to know how others will react is difficult if not impossible to predict. After 16 years in business I still feel I am in a foreign country without a passport or guide book when it comes to running a business.

So blogging is my  new frontier it seems both dangerous and exciting. But mostly it keeps me connected to me and who I am today and helps me navigate where I will be tomorrow.