It is Time!

Registration opens this Saturday!!
September 23 at 10 am
That is tomorrow !!


Time to get back into the swing of things. Classes have been posted and you can download the brochure or pick one up in the shop (http://www.beadsofcolour.com). The girls have done a fabulous job of the display, which always makes it easier for you to make a decision.
New Seed Bead Classes
Let me give you some tantalizing tidbit to help you decide which of the many classes you want to take. Lise has two really fun classes. The Paradoxe Bracelet is causing quite

4 paradoxe bracelet

Paradoxe bracelet

29 chrysantthemum

a commotion. It is being held on Saturday October 14. Actually 4 people have already bought there beads for the class and registration isn’t even open yet. She is also doing Chrysanthemum in December and I think it would make a wonderful clasp as well as a bracelet or maybe even a pin.
More seed bead fun with Laura who has two new classes as well. Garlic Knot which is being held Saturday November 25th. It has always been a favourite of mine, but this is the first time to be offered in the store. Where are my Glasses on Saturday December 2. It is the sweetest glasses leash I know. I am going to need a few for my magic glasses.21 dustin-wedekind'scones I’m repeating some old favourites like Dustin Wedekind’s Cones and Triptych Lariat. There is lots more to choose from this is just a few highlights.
Metal Classes
Nancy has out done herself and created Geometric Copper Pendant Sunday November17 geometic Copper Pendant 12th and Fold Forming Cuff on Sunday October 22. I absolute love the simplicity of design in Nancy’s work.
Nancy has also created a more advanced wire class, Wire Weaving a p24 wire weave a pendantendant # 24 I have a really fun, simple, easy wire class Wired for Drama. I am serious. I think it is too easy to be a class but I just love the pin.
Talking fun I have added some Play Dates and repeated ones from the last term. Note: some are on the weekend this term.
Cindy has been true to form and has come up with two new classes. One she is teaching with Sue Henry Nuno Felted and Embellished cuff and Viking Knit with Leather she will be teaching on her own. 38-hand-woven-textural-cuff
Truly going to be another exciting term.
Oh I almost forgot I have added fiber to my work and we are d11 colour me happyoing a little hand weaving which is new for me. Check out Hand Woven Cuff in January and my Colour Me Happy, a felt piece using the Big Kick is also  causing a lot of excitement,  it is on  Sunday October 29.




Some times I wonder why in such a stressful time in my life I want to no I crave to work (such a strange word for what I do) So let me start again I crave to put colours together, I crave to embellish my newly printed textiles, I crave to teach myself how to put holes in knitting. I think I must be hiding from reality and actually I am trying to find reality.



 I love that we get a long weekend in the middle of winter. An extra day at the cottage. I get a few more days to prepare for Registration day.


February 25th, this Saturday begins registration for the new term.

Truly we have some fun things instore.  Pick up a brochure in the shop or download it from web site. Come in and see Barb’s beautiful display of the samples.  Sorry, I know the images are not on the workshop page yet, I am working on it. Check back later in the week.


Read carefully because we are changing things up a little this term. We are doing a more intense focus on some of our favorite things. For example Cindy is doing a whole day of etching on metal and Catherine has an amazing new seed bead class, Life is a Circus which is the beginning of April. I am doing four “Playdays”. Enrolment is limited to four people, and ideally I would like the same four people to join me for all four days so that why I have made it so affordable. Nan Smith is doing two full days on Polymer Clay this term. Sue Henry is back and in full swing with some great classes. This term may be short but it is going to be a wonderful ride so don’t miss any of it.




stay-focused-stay-productiveIt is hard for me to believe that Christmas is almost here. I have had my head down and working hard. It is certainly my style. Once again this term has been extremely exciting. Ok really really busy but exciting. I have learned so much and the ideas are flowing.

Genevieve’s classes stimulated me to start this fabulous pieces that combines basket weave and ndebelle  (which is really one in the same) but I use, both two hole beads and  the original one hole beads in the same piece, magic happens. Eva and Nan’s dip into polymer clay has opened a door for me that I shut along time ago. I find myself wanting to refine my skills in this area to add this amazingly useful and simple clay to my repertoire. On my own I have explored a new wire technique that I am loving and several new methods of adding colour to metal. The results of both are pushing my work forward in leaps and bonds.  I dreamed of a  whole new concept that would make an amazing  jewelry line. The idea seems to be incorporating all that I have been learning for the last 20 years.  So my resolution for the New Year is to spend more time in the studio. Talking about studio space I have added another metal bench and a long work station. So in the New Year I will be offering some rentable time in the metal shop !


Twenty years!! and I still have the passion and excitement for this little corner of paradise. Ok, not ever day is happy go lucky but every single day brings learning and growth.free-snowman-clipart-holiday-clip-art-of-a-festive-winter-snowman-decorated-with-colorful-christmas-tree-lights-on-white-by-djart-634

May all of you be blessed with happiness, learning and growth for this holiday season and for ever moment of the coming year. We are so very lucky to be exactly where we are and at the stage of life we are at. Let’s enjoy it.

Ok some important dates. I will be closed between Christmas and New Years. We will close at 3 on the 24th  and reopen on Tuesday January 3rd.  The first week of January I will have my one Sale of the year.

Thank-you ! Thank-you ! Thank-you !! Sale

Tuesday January 3rd  20% off

Wednesday January 4th 30% off

                                                                              Thursday January 5th 40 %  off

                                                                                    Friday January 6th 40 %  off

Saturday January 7th 50 % off

One more thing. Proposals for new classes are due January 4th and samples due the 7th so get your ideas together.






The Hubble

Do you know the Hubble stitch? The Hubble stitch is fast becoming a staple in the bead community. Genevieve Habib has developed a series of classes that will allow you to become an expert with this new stitch. The designs are Genevieve own creations and show how versatile the stitch is


embelished Hubble

but also how clever and unique the designer is as well. Genevieve has style to her work that I have not seen elsewhere. I believe it has to do with her years of working with fabric and costume design. Come and study with this talented artist and glean some of the magic that she exudes.


The Hubble Wave


She starts with the basics Hubble stitch 101 (October 16th and December 11th.You can see you will have lots of time to play with the stitch and become really comfortable with it and then she will show you some embellishing techniques in December. The Hubble Wave (October 16th) is for those who have already taken the Hubble before and want to go


The Hubble Twist

further with it. Both groups could continue with the Hubble Chain Rope (January 22nd ) and\or Do the Hubble Twist.(January 22nd )

Edited by Wendy Keir-Mattice


For those of you that read my blog on the 19th this was later the same day (August 8th 2016)

I also did the The Textile Museum of Canada. The Textile Museum of Canada is truly a hidden gem. The shows that day where “Worlds on a String: Beads, Journeys, Inspiration” and “Bliss, Garden Real and imagined”.

After all these years of studying beads this world never ceases to educate, entertain and excite me. I have shared a few images here with you. I went through several battery changes and filled a camera card that day. The museum was so quiet and civilized compared to the ROM. The little gift shop is not to be missed and a great place to get some unique Christmas gifts for reasonable prices. They will let you in to shop for free. Also the library! Yes a whole library on the world of Textiles. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this. It is also a place to donate your books. I’m not sure if you know, but all Louise’s wool went to this great place. They really appreciated the donation and said her tent of wool was the highlight of their fund raiser this year.

The second show we attended at the Textile Museum,

 I called it the flower show but it was really “Bliss: Garden real and imagined”. I went because I thought my girlfriend would enjoy it and I could endure. Not so much! My friend loved it but so did I. I liken this to the time I decided to put the word GOD back in my vocabulary. Why I removed GOD from my vocabulary was because of my own prejudices about religion.  Then I discovered the accumulated energy around the world and it was powerful. Well … flowers are similar.

I never use flowers in my work. Somewhere along the way I decided I am not a flower person, I filed them under too feminine, too over used and too pretty.  It must have been in a less enlightened time. I can’t believe I would discount such amazing beauty, such opportunity, and such accumulated history. My eyes have been opened, I am awake now!

The images are just a few from the show. It examined ways garden images have been used on textiles throughout history, all over the world. A timeless universal language.

Edited by Wendy Keir-Mattice

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