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Cindy Goldrich has out done herself this term. She has four full Sundays, eight


swing 60’s Op Art

wonderful classes. Swinging 60’s Op Art Bubble Pendant (November 6th) gets us started. The simplicity and the drama is just a really fantastic combination. That afternoon she is teaching an Advanced Enamel Class (November 6th ) for all you enamel fans that want to go further but not waste time in class cleaning and counter enameling. We see her again at the end of the month on November 22nd for Sizzix Easy Jewlery some fast and creative ways to make cuffs with leather cutting dies. Hopefully I will finally figure out how to use mine. The afternoon class


Cathedral Windows

Cathedral Windows,(November 20th )  is a real winner. When you put this necklace on it just belongs around your neck. It flows with the curvature of the body, it just works. I can see several variations in my head already.


Januarary 8th will be for metal people. Cindy is doing a Patina Boot Camp in the morning and Falling Leaves in the afternoon.  Learning techniques to add colour to metal just a good thing to have in your repertoire. Falling Leaves will extend your skills with fold forming soldering and wire work and you will get a great piece to wear.


Falling Leaves


Her last Sunday, February 12th, riveting is the theme of the day. A great cold connection technique to learn or get better at. She adds her own style with found rivets, I love the uniqueness!

Edited by Wendy Keir-Mattice

Okay, lets get down to the work or play at hand.

Eva Sherman is coming back.

Eva is a talented artist and author I met in Tucson a few years ago. I took a couple of classes from her. She has been an architect, bead store owner and now is loving manipulating metal into art jewelry and of course teaching it.

So she is doing five workshops, a book signing and free demo. Not in that order.

Friday night she is doing a free demo, Riveting in the Round.  It 6 -9 so plan something easy for dinner.


Melodies in Metal


I asked Eva back, because so many of the students from last year’s classes requested her. The students had such a good time, were so successful and learned so much, they wanted more. I am always concerned about having someone back so quickly because it is a small shop with a small but fantastic group of regulars.  I didn’t have to be concerned 10 days after registration for her classes opened four of the five classes where over half full.

So don’t miss a golden opportunity to learn from this


Gypsy Woman

talented woman. The five workshops are Melodies in Metal Saturday morning, Gypsy Woman Saturday


Gypse Woman

afternoon, Hurricane Cuff Saturday evening,  Simple Soldered Silver sheet Rings Sunday morning, and Goovy Cuff Sunday afternoon. Each workshop is 120.00 plus your kit. There is savings if you take 3 or


Hurricane Cuff

more. Trust me we had a blast last year and this year is shaping up to be more of the same. She only takes 10 students in each class so act quickly.


simple Soldered Silver sheet rings








This summer found me exploring a lot of new concepts, just for fun.  Sometimes I find myself hovering over an idea trying to decide where to go with it and a little nudge brings it into focus.  That’s exactly what happened, all of a sudden everything started to come into focus and pieces started to emerge from the fog. I actually had more new classes than time allowed.

Beaded Keys (2 workshops) is my first new class. This is not a new concepts just a great piece. (Oct 15, and Oct 22 ) This bracelet made of CRAW beaded beads and held together with a


Beaded Keys

band of peyote and sits comfortably on your wrist making it very wearable. It is one the first classes so take a closer look at it, you don’t miss out. If you miss this new seed bead piece check out Flock of


Flock of Geometrics

Geometric (January 14, and January 21 ) and Linking Leather with Squares (February 8th and February 15th )


Linking leather with Squares


Barcelona Pockets (October 30th) gets you started in working with inkodyes. Love love love love this play. Years ago I took a class in developing black and white photographs at university. In our first project we


Barcelona Pockets

just exposed the photo paper to light with a flat object on top. I still remember the thrill I experienced developing these images. My fascination has been sparked again. The dyes we use to create the fabric for the Barcelona Pocket develops in sunlight. You watch it develop right before your eyes. After creating the fabric, if you can pull yourself away we will embellish it, then sew a leather back and add a brooch back. Every time I told someone I was going to Barcelona they warned me about the pickpockets. This was my solution to keeping my credit card, money and my identification safe.


Rock my World


Rock my world (November 13 ) will just touch on all that can be done with the new artist’s cement that is in the shop. I wanted to see if the artist’s cement would work with the wax molds I had been playing with. It does and the combination of the molding material and the cement will bring endless opportunities. This necklace is just a hint of the possibilities of where we can go with these ideas. I know traditional cement has been heavy, not this one and that is just one of the benefits of this new product.


Floor to Wrist


Floor to Wrist ( January 15th ) is a project that has been the results of my desire to do a Floor Cloth. I haven’t given up on making one for the floor but I got to explore the concept on a smaller scale and now I have even more ideas.   The original floor clothes were made from discarded sails, painted and placed under the table to catch crumbs. Adorning the wrist seem to be a logical step,  at least for me. I love that it can be made so unique by embellishing it with some embroidery.

Edited by Wendy Keir-Mattice


Part of what I would like to do with this blog is show my readers what stimulates me. I know I mostly keep you up to date but I truly want to take some time to show you how I see the world as well. Here are a few shots from an amazing sculpture I saw in Downtown Calgary when I was out to see Suzie of Suzie Q beads at the beginning of the month. I love the mesh work and the graphic shots it produces. The face from inside the head is mystical. This all happened at sunset and it was such a magical exciting experience. Both Suzie and I laughed and giggled as we took the shots.


Who am I and why am I here.

Sounds pretty deep for a Monday morning after 2 weeks without a day off.

(This is the topic for a course I am taking on blogging, so if you are wondering if the trunk sale was good. Yup it was great. The rest of the blog  has nothing to do with the shop. )

The simple answers…. I am a beader and shop owner that wants to keep  all those who are interested, informed about what is going on at my shop Beads of Colour.

Dig a little deeper… I am a woman who’s learning difficulties need to be tamed by actually facing the challenge of writing about my life and putting it out for the public to see.

Dig still a little deeper…I find writing a blog actually helps me understand  who I am  and why I am here . I know that sounds romantic and it is. Life is romantic. When I sit down to write.   I stop… and look careful…. at the moments in my day that add up to my life. My life, my only life and  I recognize that these moments make me…me.

So the next question then why share this with others? I find that the act of sharing makes me dig deeper and creates both honesty and tension in my writing. The honesty is important to me. If you are honest with yourself and others you will grow and change and evolve. I also find the act of sharing creates a perspective that is unique to blogging.

This is where I really  struggle, the concept of sharing.  How much and what to share. My personal life seems open yet my business has boundaries. I know this is strange but true. I believe I am who I am.  I do  know this can change at any moment.  Change it does when I look carefully and honestly at my life and the world. Yet when it comes to my  business  it is not so easy. I am much  more careful about what I share. I find it involves  so many others and to know how others will react is difficult if not impossible to predict. After 16 years in business I still feel I am in a foreign country without a passport or guide book when it comes to running a business.

So blogging is my  new frontier it seems both dangerous and exciting. But mostly it keeps me connected to me and who I am today and helps me navigate where I will be tomorrow.



I had a glimpse of TERROR!

That doesn’t even seem possible. It happened….so

me the real me

me the real me

let me set the scene.

I was doing my laundry in my downstairs furnace room. It is a small room maybe 10×10. I was hanging my clothes on the line, reciting to myself “I can be playful” while doing my laundry. My meditation that morning had been on playfulness. I thought I would take some time off in the afternoon to head out  to one of my favourite antique stores or maybe an art supply shop. I knew I had to do some organizing of my home world first. With each piece of clothing that I hung, I sang softly “I can be playful doing my housework and love doing it”. I thought it was starting to work when……..The world changed…….

The noise from the explosion behind my back, which was only four feet away, was so loud the world did not exist for an instant.  I was hit in the butt, sprayed with hot water  and steam filled the room. My glasses fogged up instantly and from the very core of my being I knew to run. As I started around the corner and up the stairs I started to scream. I mean from the very centre of my being. I released an energy that I have never experienced. The scream continued although it wasn’t that I wanted to be heard as much as it was to be a release. Three quarters of the way up the flight of stairs some part of me told me I was safe and I actually heard the words in my head “YOU ARE SAFE”. That didn’t stop me from releasing several more screams that were like waves coming from some inner valve that was open and wouldn’t close.

When I hit the kitchen my daughter-in-law was coming in the kitchen door. The look on her face was love and concern.

The next few seconds where beautiful and somewhat humorous. At least from my position.

“What happened” she asked as she turned me around looking for any signs of injury.

me in grade school

me in grade school

“It exploded” I shouted, shaking and running on the spot and shaking my arms like I still had to get away.

“What exploded ” she probed as she continued to turn me and pat me all over like I was one of her children and she needed to know I was alright and what action needed to be taken next, to help me or ensure my safety.

“I don’t know I couldn’t see”

“Are you alright I think it’s water”

“I am alright”

I am pretty sure her concern for me was what calmed me enough to come back to this world so quickly. We crept to the top of the stairs and  peered into the mist of the steam filled basement. The basement was filling with water and steam.

We managed to get the water turned off with Dave’s help who was on the phone within seconds (Do you know where the main water turn-off is at your house? It should be labeled) . I don’t know what I would do with out my guy. Cory & I surveyed the damage with the water off. The steam had cleared and we could see the furnace boiler had exploded. I was hit with a copper pipe 18 inches long and an elbow  and it now lay lay on the floor. The front panel was off the electrical part of the furnace and lay on the floor. It was just hard to fathom. The furnace guy said he had never seen anything like this happen before and is amazed and shocked. The pressure needed to separate the copper pipe was in excess of 800 pounds and could easily kill.

a great moment with Huib

a great moment with Huib

Anyway I am telling you this because I now have a little insight into the terror people feel in a tornado or mud slide or some other surprise of unwanted terror in their lives. I have had experiences in my life where I have felt fear but nothing like this. Everything changes in an instant.

I am safe but I have one hell of a black and blue ass. I enjoy the fact that the extra weight I have put on this year saved me from more harm. I feel so very very very lucky that that pipe had the good sense to kick me in the butt and nowhere else.



old friends,

new friends, ,

 forever friends; 

 good food,

 great conversation,



memories shared,

memories made,


good byes

until the next time

It was awesome. What a wonderful, wonderful weekend. It was full to the brim. I still need time to absorb everything that happened.

I am just so thrilled to have spent so much quality time with Gail Crosman Moore. It was such a privilege, thank-you Gail, for leading and guiding the group.

Gail was so very generous. Those of you who came out  Friday night  (and it was a packed house) you got a small taste of the whole  weekend. The guest  were treated to a mini-class on wet felting.  Gails work a feast for the eyes,and an opportunity to purchase some of her carefully selected  treasures. She not only had some of her amazing pieces to drool over, she  also had an amazing collection of unique sequences, exciting brass stampings and some rare vintage lucite beads. After Gail filled our minds and opened our souls we filled our tummies.

 Barb did a peanut butter ball that was yummy. I did a date tart (with help) that disappeared first. Wendy, they were a hit. Nobody believed we made the cream puffs. I, of course loved them as they were served with memories from my childhood.  I cut the chocolate brownies small but that didn’t fool anyone, they just came back for another and another. Thanks, Lise they were extremely well received. My mother’s butter tart receipt was chocked full of raisins, thanks to my sister. There were people who had never had a butter tart like that and were not sure what they were. ( the best)   Wendy (that is my sister, Wendy if you haven’t figured that out) did this amazing lemon and raspberry tart. Our body, mind and spirit was fed. It was up to the individuals to keep it in balance.

That was just Friday night.

Saturday was spent at the cottage making bronze clay sliders. It takes a gentle hand and  as is often the case not as easy as it looks. The excitement level in the room was unbelievable. I had to open every window in the cottage just to try to get a little balance. I am so thankful Dave was there most of the time, it could not have been accomplished without him. Again Gail was so generous with her tips on mold building, and texture choices as well as the handling and firing of bronze clay.It is not easy to settle 12 excited ladies down into the creative zone. She did it, with a gentle hand and the result where fabulous.  She is one classy lady.

I want to tell more but the world is calling. I have recipes to share, I hope I got a few pictures I haven’t even looked at the result of the few I snapped. I did get my son to the airport on time, with two bikes in two very large boxes. Lots of tears of happiness as he and his special friend went off on a new adventure. I did not see my Mother on Mothers day and I really want to see her and share everything with her. Thanks for reading, I love having all of you in my life. It means a lot to me.

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