fact one. I don’t eat apples, I eat apple sauce but not apples

fact two. I don’t have a good poker face. Therefore I just don’t lie because I can’t get away with it.

fact three. I once walked out on a dentist because he was so insensitive, with the rubber dam still in my mouth. (I had to go back and get him to take it off, but I did it and got a new dentist)

fact four.  I registered, paid and showed up for class before I was accepted into my university program. They called me into the office but I just kept going . It took me an extra year but I got my degree.

Fact five. I read out loud in airports if I am sitting beside someone talking on their cell phone and making business calls. (At first I would change sits but there was always another business man being important)

Fact six. I hate change and love learning new things.

Fact seven. Libraries and art supply stores are almost as good as chocolate, and hot home-made bread on a bad day.

fact eight The Queen of England and I both drink  Dubonnet she adds gin to hers I just like a hunk of lemon not a slice, not a wedge a hunk. more about Dubonnet http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dubonnet

7 Responses to “About Debi”

  1. One heck of a chick

  2. Heather Says:

    Hi Debi!
    Remember me? I attended Kate’s workshop in Tucson last November. It was such a pleasure meeting you and I wish I still lived in Canada so I could come to your shop for classes and a chat!
    Hope to see you again soon,
    Heather O’Brien

    1. I sure do Heather. I am still looking forward to the three of you add Cynthia and Stephanie visiting. Did you realize Kate is coming in May?

      1. Heather Says:

        YES! I would love to be there for that…but I’m attending Art and Soul in Hampton VA this year, so my budget has pretty much dried up. I’ve made it a point of seeing Cynthia anytime I go home to Canada….so next time I’ll be sure to meet up with you!
        Enjoy your time in Tucson, I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  3. HI Debi,
    just got back from my trip to Prague with Vic, spent 10 days there with his parents and friends etc. Had a wonderful trip and lots of inspiration from the architectre etc.
    I’m glad to read that Dave is back , in pain but out of surgery . I have missed alot of your blogs, but it sounds like he is recooperating in good health.
    Sorry that you will not be at B&B, it would be nice to see you.
    take care and its fun to see how much creativity you have going on with Kate’s classes etc.Judy

  4. Chriss Says:

    debi: Just wanted to say ‘Hi!’ and tell you how much fun it was spending the day with you yesterday. I look forward to seeing what you do with the enameling technics and procedures we learned. 😉

    Safe travels!

    1. Too bad you couldn’t be there today. We learned alot. I really enjoyed working with you yesterday. We will share over the web. debi

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