Resized_20190923_144417 (002)Everyone knows next weekend starts 3 weekends of clearance sale. That means company! Some of my all time favourite people are coming.  Now most people would  spend this weekend planning for company.  Instead I am headed to a


Susan Lenart Kazmer at the course I took in Mexico.

workshop with Susan Lenart Kazmer, in her studio in Cleveland. The weekend after, I closed the store, even before I packed up, I spent it  in a workshop with Susan, at “Charmed I’m Sure” in Mechanicburgs, PA a studio owned and operated by Jean VanBrederade. I have explored other things this year but my metal work and Susan Lenart Kazmer have been a major recuring theme. The main theme is finding my voice, hearing my voice, expressing myself and sharing my voice. I am extremely excited about this  weekend because for me it begins a six month mentoring program with Susan. So in a way I am preparing for company. I am preparing myself to be myself. I am not dusting the shelves in the back room or repackaging beads. I am moving forward with my understanding of why I do what I do. Why I love & what I love. Who I am in relationship, to all the fabulous people that are coming, to renew friendships and build new ones. To share our stories and fill in the missed chapters. I am


My ring from the Course in Mexico

adding to my story. Looking forward to catching up and sharing. I know this may seem a little like justification but I am retired.


Just to qualify, I have been working hard. I have lots of beads sorted but I am pretty sure I am not going to get it all done. I think you will be very happy with what I am offering and my presentation. So come out and join in the fun & bring your story.