My mother always said “if you don’t advertise, it is like whispering in the dark. ” I was never sure where this expression came from, yet it always stuck with me.

So, I try to see advertisement that way, telling people, that want to know, you have  what they want.

Now I am going a step further. I am giving you some incentive to come out. Hopefully these door prizes will be motivational.

I have a door prize for each of the weekends. If you buy something on the specific weekend your name will go into the draw. I will draw the name as we close the doors on Sunday evening. This may help you plan when you are going to visit, or not.

Here is the first door prize for the October 5th and 6th. Beading wire. At sometime during my stores history I was sent samples of all kinds of colours of beading wire. IMG_9060-(002)I never brought it in because I just felt it was too much to keep inventory of. It looked like fun and felt someday I would design some pieces where the colour mattered. Of course I didn’t get there and so the first prize.

The second weekend the October 12th and 13th is a plastic case of about 40 tubes of  size 8 beads. I find the size eight beads are universal, beaders like them because they work up fast, knitters love them the holes are big and they can be seen, textile people quilters, embroiders sewers etc. love the texture they add to a piece.


The third and final weekend, I felt I wanted to encourage everyone to stop by and see what is left, so I have a troll bead bracelet, with a lock and one bead. I was not planning on selling off troll beads, but this makes me think maybe on the last weekend I will sell them off.  Not as big a discount but a discount. IMG_9069-(002)

I am getting really excited. All three spaces, 2 studios and storage unit are disasters but it is fun. I am hoping it all pulls together. I just have to have faith.