Longhorne Slim and the Law

Things could be stranger but I don’t know how
I’m going through changes now
I’ve spent a lifetime trying to figure it out
I’m going through changes now

And I’ve just begun
Under a purple sun

There’s many reasons we are what we become
I’m going through changes, ripping out pages
I’m going through changes now



Ripping out pages sounds so scary and final. Thats not how I feel. I am excited and sad. I am tired and energized and I am  hopeful and terrified.

Right at this very moment as I write this, I am cautious. As a young person I hated change and fought against it. I think mostly because I was insecure and change just heightened my insecurities. I have learned that change does bring challenges.  From those  challenges arise opportunities!  When I look back, change was necessary and  made me who I am.

So why cautious? Because I am telling you this in a blog! I would like to be face to face. I would like to be telling you one on one, because you deserve it.

I hope you all realize that I think of you as friends, some even family but I have another role. I own a bead store.  My relationship with each and everyone of you is unique. I want to believe that I am a source of inspiration, as much as you are to me.  A resource to solve your bead problems and sometimes a shoulder to cry on.

You have helped me become the person I am, you have been there for me in tough times and you have helped feed and cloth me. I have loved our journey together. I am sure you have all figured out by now the news. I am having difficulty putting it down on paper. I am retiring and closing the bead store.

Oh I’ve been along for one hell of a ride
even though I may be falling apart whoa it’s been a beautiful life

Ah, the silver lining. This is not the end. I am busy building a studio space at the Lake House. I have many ideas I want to spend time on. Some half baked, some are cooked but need redesigning, and some totally new directions I want to explore. I will do my best to keep you informed.  The company taking over my lease (the hair salon  the other half of my world) is considering renting me a little space in the back for my metal benches. I will keep you updated.

Ok, that is a lot to take in.

What you need to know is I am selling off my inventory and I am going to de-stash.

 I know it is a a lot of work but I am going to do my best. Most people think about selling over the internet – it is not what I want to do. For me it is you I like!! I like interacting with you!! I like seeing your faces!! I like one on one!! Taking orders over the internet doesn’t do it for me. It wasn’t the selling of beads that kept me engaged all these years, it was relationships. Being around all the colour and expressing myself in beads making jewelery and teaching sweetened the pot. I am not giving that up. I love the craft and will continue, except now I might be sitting beside you in class.

So I can hear you screaming When? When is this happening? My last day is Thursday March 29th.

Liquidation starts tomorrow.

Starting with 25% off , destashing and some lots  that will be marked  50% off