Words are multifaceted, and yet  we have done are best to make them black and white . We believe by doing this we make communication clearer. I am not sure we have. Time is much more than what you read on the clock.

I am up early this morning! I have had two play days this week at the store. My mind is full! Yet I have two more workshops I am doing on Wednesday and another play date next Sunday. It never rains but it pours! Truly the mind is amazing what it can absorb and expand on. The vastness of the inner space is unfathomable.

I so want to have the space to spend time with you. To catch both, you and myself up on what I have been doing. When I say space I don’t mean just time, I am referring to  a perfect space much like the perfect storm, where time, ideas, quietness and thought all come together. I know writers discipline themselves by writing ever day. Unfortunately discipline is not my major personality trait. I have always worked with intuition. I am busy with the store and family, therefore my own work,………  that is not the right phrase, because store and family are my focus, therefore  at the moment that is my work and therefore my journey and my learning .  Even the term work has been truncated and simplified.  The word work makes what I do way to impersonal. What I am saying is, I crave this process of talking to you and catching you up. It gives me such clarity and understanding and I always  feel renewed and hopeful. More than hopeful, powerful and clear.

The process of trying to communicate with  you and draw you into my life helps me to observe my own journey. It gets me out of ego and places me smack in the middle of my truth.  So at the moment,  I am collecting data that together we will turn into wisdom. Please be patient!  My taro card  on New Years day was the hangman on . With endings come new beginnings. The world is shifting but I am upright riding the wave.!

I didn’t watch the golden globes but this morning I looked up this and it touched me to me core. This is a very significant  moment in our history!