Recently on the way to the cottage, just as I was leaving Ancaster and not yet into  the rural areas between here and the there. I saw a fox. A beautiful red fox with a white-tipped bushy tail.  OMG she was glorious!  I swear she spotted me and  sat  down and  seemed to trying to communicate. Then got up and strolled along the road looking over her shoulder, as if I should follow her.

The image has stayed with me for weeks.   So I finally took the time to look up fox in my Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews.Red-Fox-red-foxes-13290271-1920-1200

It reflects that the world is growing and shape shifting  itself into new patterns that will be beneficial. ”  the book also says “It is often most visible at the times of dawn and dusk, the “Between Times” when the magical world and the world in which we live intersect.” 

I would not say it was dusk  yet but it was near the end of the day. For me it I  was in the between lands the space between the reality of my life in town and the magic of the cottage.  Yet, more than the physical space, my work is shifting.  I feel  I am in between two periods of work.   The beads are having to move over and make room for some new playmates.  I am not sure what this threesome is going to look like, I do know my work is changing.

My new playmates textiles. They brought along an embelisher and a BabyLock sewing machine.

Sharing all this with you might help bring clarity to the journey. If you follow me at all you have heard about my newly introduced play days. My idea was to share some of the new concepts I was exploring with other creative souls hoping the interaction would spawn more ideas, it worked!

It was not a lightening bolt or an explosion which brings clarity of vision. I have been in a constant flow  of ideas, joy and absolute fun. It can be overwhelming at times. I feel like I am in Ellen Degeneres’s cash cube. Trying to catch all the ideas before they escape.

So I am in the between world enjoying my time. I feel that communicating with the outside world will help me to honour these ideas, bring clarity and keep me grounded in friendship.  I am hoping the new patterns that emerge will be beneficial to all those that see them.

I saw the fox and I’m pretty sure he was telling me to pay attention and don’t get lost. Please stay and give me insight when you can.