It has been the Year of reconnect.

Last January I had my youngest son living just an hour away for the  whole semester. He was back from the Yukon to spend the term plunging into his next degree.  He worked hard and did well. For me the best part of those months was spending time with him.

wood frog frozen

My youngest son’s nickname was frog and he lives in Whitehorse. I have frogs all around my house this one always makes me smile.

It was amazing !! I made sure I had a least one meal a week with him. Dave and I would travel up to Waterloo go out for lunch with him and explore.  I learned so much about this grown man who at one time I knew so well. Who he is and what he cares about and what makes him happy.

My oldest son lives right down stairs and I take him for granted. I see him often but don’t stop to get to know him. I saying right here right now I vow to reconnect with my oldest son. Treasure the moment. How I am not sure. I think I will try for coffee on a regular basis. It is so easy to take those and for that matter things that are in our everyday life for granted.

Jeff 2009 - Copy

my oldest son. He is amazing so much like his Dad.

I want to appreciate my glorious life.

Yesterday I had some exceptional people come into the shop. I want to tell you about one. She came in unassuming. She had a smile, that had light behind it, but she also had some place to be, she was watching her phone. She asked questions, lots of questions, not just about beads although lots that is where we began. She allowed the conversation to flow to me to my history to my past lives. (I mean what I did before the store to make money not literally past lives) She had been worked on the floor of the stock market a very male dominated world. We talked about Harvey Weinstein, we talked about our experiences in this world of making money. We talked about buying a car. Eventually I shared what I was working on. I brought out the fabrics I had printed (which I will share we you as well) on my holiday. She so appreciated the beauty. She left inspired and the last thing she said was “You know you just meet your new Best Friend”.

Magic that is what had just occurred. Pure beautiful and simple magic. I didn’t want it to go unnoticed. So I shared with you. I thinking she reconnected with her creative self and I reconnected with my child filling loved and nurtured.