It has been a wild ride since August  and although I still  feel a little dizzy I’m pretty sure my feet are on the ground.

Andrew Thorton recently issued a dare,to

   start blogging  again

to anyone who had stopped.

If you don’t know Andrew, I’m not sure what to say, accept too bad. To meet him is to feel special.  Within minutes of meeting him you  feel you are indeed a very unique individual. I have had this opportunity and  once you experience it you don’t forget. So I don’t read many blogs these days but I still read Andrew’s when I get a chance. I think I am hoping to learn how he performs his magic.

Anyway ……Back to the challenge and you. Yes blogging is about you. Ok I have to take the time to sit and write but in essence it is about going for coffee with you. Rewarding myself by sitting down and taking the time to chat with friends. So why have I not been blogging……. because I have been doing morning papers.

and yet…..I have even fallen off that wagon as well.  And yes

I feel adrift

Journaling  is about relationship.

Relationship is why we are here. Relationship is the key lesson in this earth school. Both forms of journalling , are the same and yet different. Both intimate, both fun, both creative, both worthwhile and  both revealling. Yet only one connects you to others. Morning papers connects you to self.  Both are hard work and both fun and  both rewarding and both take time.  I have decided I need both in my life.

Not sure how but I want to commit to having coffee with you again. I need to be more responsible and stay connected with such a great group of friends who have been there for me. My focus was not on my story this fall and therefore I not telling that story but let’s catch up.


I have been learning all kinds of new stuff! Let’s keep in touch.