I had a glimpse of TERROR!

That doesn’t even seem possible. It happened….so

me the real me

me the real me

let me set the scene.

I was doing my laundry in my downstairs furnace room. It is a small room maybe 10×10. I was hanging my clothes on the line, reciting to myself “I can be playful” while doing my laundry. My meditation that morning had been on playfulness. I thought I would take some time off in the afternoon to head out  to one of my favourite antique stores or maybe an art supply shop. I knew I had to do some organizing of my home world first. With each piece of clothing that I hung, I sang softly “I can be playful doing my housework and love doing it”. I thought it was starting to work when……..The world changed…….

The noise from the explosion behind my back, which was only four feet away, was so loud the world did not exist for an instant.  I was hit in the butt, sprayed with hot water  and steam filled the room. My glasses fogged up instantly and from the very core of my being I knew to run. As I started around the corner and up the stairs I started to scream. I mean from the very centre of my being. I released an energy that I have never experienced. The scream continued although it wasn’t that I wanted to be heard as much as it was to be a release. Three quarters of the way up the flight of stairs some part of me told me I was safe and I actually heard the words in my head “YOU ARE SAFE”. That didn’t stop me from releasing several more screams that were like waves coming from some inner valve that was open and wouldn’t close.

When I hit the kitchen my daughter-in-law was coming in the kitchen door. The look on her face was love and concern.

The next few seconds where beautiful and somewhat humorous. At least from my position.

“What happened” she asked as she turned me around looking for any signs of injury.

me in grade school

me in grade school

“It exploded” I shouted, shaking and running on the spot and shaking my arms like I still had to get away.

“What exploded ” she probed as she continued to turn me and pat me all over like I was one of her children and she needed to know I was alright and what action needed to be taken next, to help me or ensure my safety.

“I don’t know I couldn’t see”

“Are you alright I think it’s water”

“I am alright”

I am pretty sure her concern for me was what calmed me enough to come back to this world so quickly. We crept to the top of the stairs and  peered into the mist of the steam filled basement. The basement was filling with water and steam.

We managed to get the water turned off with Dave’s help who was on the phone within seconds (Do you know where the main water turn-off is at your house? It should be labeled) . I don’t know what I would do with out my guy. Cory & I surveyed the damage with the water off. The steam had cleared and we could see the furnace boiler had exploded. I was hit with a copper pipe 18 inches long and an elbow  and it now lay lay on the floor. The front panel was off the electrical part of the furnace and lay on the floor. It was just hard to fathom. The furnace guy said he had never seen anything like this happen before and is amazed and shocked. The pressure needed to separate the copper pipe was in excess of 800 pounds and could easily kill.

a great moment with Huib

a great moment with Huib

Anyway I am telling you this because I now have a little insight into the terror people feel in a tornado or mud slide or some other surprise of unwanted terror in their lives. I have had experiences in my life where I have felt fear but nothing like this. Everything changes in an instant.

I am safe but I have one hell of a black and blue ass. I enjoy the fact that the extra weight I have put on this year saved me from more harm. I feel so very very very lucky that that pipe had the good sense to kick me in the butt and nowhere else.