2011_0707mexxicotripgallery0009_edited-1My dreams last night had a theme. This has only happened once before and I am guessing some part of me thinks it is really important that I know, learn and commit to wisdom, this concept.

Focus on the doing not getting it done.

I spent several hours yesterday preparing my gravy for Christmas dinner (Jamie Oliver’s prepare ahead gravy) that is happening on Boxing Day this year. I love spending time just doing something so “homey” like cooking or doing the dishes when I am not hurrying the process. Focusing on the doing, not getting it done.| I know the most important thing in my life is home.

“Home is where the store begins|”

On Friday DEc 21, the Solstice,  we dodged a bullet. I never had any fear the end of the world was coming but truly it nearly did. While Dave and I were driving out to the cottage in the dark, a herd of deer in a fear induced run, crossed the road on top of us. Dave being the person that he is always focused on the doing when our safety is a stake, managed to break and miss all 8 of the deer. Unfortunately the car coming toward us was not so lucky. He hit most likely two of the deer and totaled his car.  The driver of the other car, an incredibly calm person turned his wheels toward the ditch and spun out of control. Luckily not towards us. He stopped just before the steep incline into the ditch. Once again giving Dave and I enough time to stop on the shoulder of the road.

Of course this is a long time ago. Yet his still my baby. Strange how the heart has no calender or clock.

Of course this is a long time ago. Yet his still my baby. Strange how the heart has no calender or clock.

So the end of the world didn’t come not even for the deer. Most continued on their way, the one that lay in the ditch gradually started to move and then got to his feet, wandered around and then ran off with no apparent injuries. The driver of the other car was calm and image149indifferent about the miracle that had just occurred.

“A New Beginning”

A new beginning was another piece to the puzzle. I know I am extremely lucky, but man I am extremely fortunate to have Dave in my corner. Merry christmas darling I love you.

Aaron I know you are not home for the holidays but trust me you are with us and you are home. You have always been home. Have a good one. The rest of us are thinking about you so near the good man himself (Whitehorse, Yukon) you will hear him start his journey. Jeff says hi and misses you.

I got a quick shot of them out the window!

I got a quick shot of them out the window!

Oh trust me the irony that is was a herd of deer so close to Christmas has not escaped me. If it was the good fellow himself, this was a practice run with a new team, the only thing that unified this group was fear.

So pay attention and remember what is truly important this year.

Home,  and those you love.

Here is an incredible moving blog by Steve McCurry’s http://stevemccurry.wordpress.com/2012/12/19/home-again/

Oh I have some surprises in the new term.  Keep in touch. Have a great Holiday Season and do kiss someone you love, hold them tight and feel them breath.