The Hubble

Do you know the Hubble stitch? The Hubble stitch is fast becoming a staple in the bead community. Genevieve Habib has developed a series of classes that will allow you to become an expert with this new stitch. The designs are Genevieve own creations and show how versatile the stitch is


embelished Hubble

but also how clever and unique the designer is as well. Genevieve has style to her work that I have not seen elsewhere. I believe it has to do with her years of working with fabric and costume design. Come and study with this talented artist and glean some of the magic that she exudes.


The Hubble Wave


She starts with the basics Hubble stitch 101 (October 16th and December 11th.You can see you will have lots of time to play with the stitch and become really comfortable with it and then she will show you some embellishing techniques in December. The Hubble Wave (October 16th) is for those who have already taken the Hubble before and want to go


The Hubble Twist

further with it. Both groups could continue with the Hubble Chain Rope (January 22nd ) and\or Do the Hubble Twist.(January 22nd )

Edited by Wendy Keir-Mattice


Okay, lets get down to the work or play at hand.

Eva Sherman is coming back.

Eva is a talented artist and author I met in Tucson a few years ago. I took a couple of classes from her. She has been an architect, bead store owner and now is loving manipulating metal into art jewelry and of course teaching it.

So she is doing five workshops, a book signing and free demo. Not in that order.

Friday night she is doing a free demo, Riveting in the Round.  It 6 -9 so plan something easy for dinner.


Melodies in Metal


I asked Eva back, because so many of the students from last year’s classes requested her. The students had such a good time, were so successful and learned so much, they wanted more. I am always concerned about having someone back so quickly because it is a small shop with a small but fantastic group of regulars.  I didn’t have to be concerned 10 days after registration for her classes opened four of the five classes where over half full.

So don’t miss a golden opportunity to learn from this


Gypsy Woman

talented woman. The five workshops are Melodies in Metal Saturday morning, Gypsy Woman Saturday


Gypse Woman

afternoon, Hurricane Cuff Saturday evening,  Simple Soldered Silver sheet Rings Sunday morning, and Goovy Cuff Sunday afternoon. Each workshop is 120.00 plus your kit. There is savings if you take 3 or


Hurricane Cuff

more. Trust me we had a blast last year and this year is shaping up to be more of the same. She only takes 10 students in each class so act quickly.


simple Soldered Silver sheet rings








For those of you that read my blog on the 19th this was later the same day (August 8th 2016)

I also did the The Textile Museum of Canada. The Textile Museum of Canada is truly a hidden gem. The shows that day where “Worlds on a String: Beads, Journeys, Inspiration” and “Bliss, Garden Real and imagined”.

After all these years of studying beads this world never ceases to educate, entertain and excite me. I have shared a few images here with you. I went through several battery changes and filled a camera card that day. The museum was so quiet and civilized compared to the ROM. The little gift shop is not to be missed and a great place to get some unique Christmas gifts for reasonable prices. They will let you in to shop for free. Also the library! Yes a whole library on the world of Textiles. I can’t believe I didn’t know about this. It is also a place to donate your books. I’m not sure if you know, but all Louise’s wool went to this great place. They really appreciated the donation and said her tent of wool was the highlight of their fund raiser this year.

This summer found me exploring a lot of new concepts, just for fun.  Sometimes I find myself hovering over an idea trying to decide where to go with it and a little nudge brings it into focus.  That’s exactly what happened, all of a sudden everything started to come into focus and pieces started to emerge from the fog. I actually had more new classes than time allowed.

Beaded Keys (2 workshops) is my first new class. This is not a new concepts just a great piece. (Oct 15, and Oct 22 ) This bracelet made of CRAW beaded beads and held together with a


Beaded Keys

band of peyote and sits comfortably on your wrist making it very wearable. It is one the first classes so take a closer look at it, you don’t miss out. If you miss this new seed bead piece check out Flock of


Flock of Geometrics

Geometric (January 14, and January 21 ) and Linking Leather with Squares (February 8th and February 15th )


Linking leather with Squares


Barcelona Pockets (October 30th) gets you started in working with inkodyes. Love love love love this play. Years ago I took a class in developing black and white photographs at university. In our first project we


Barcelona Pockets

just exposed the photo paper to light with a flat object on top. I still remember the thrill I experienced developing these images. My fascination has been sparked again. The dyes we use to create the fabric for the Barcelona Pocket develops in sunlight. You watch it develop right before your eyes. After creating the fabric, if you can pull yourself away we will embellish it, then sew a leather back and add a brooch back. Every time I told someone I was going to Barcelona they warned me about the pickpockets. This was my solution to keeping my credit card, money and my identification safe.


Rock my World


Rock my world (November 13 ) will just touch on all that can be done with the new artist’s cement that is in the shop. I wanted to see if the artist’s cement would work with the wax molds I had been playing with. It does and the combination of the molding material and the cement will bring endless opportunities. This necklace is just a hint of the possibilities of where we can go with these ideas. I know traditional cement has been heavy, not this one and that is just one of the benefits of this new product.


Floor to Wrist


Floor to Wrist ( January 15th ) is a project that has been the results of my desire to do a Floor Cloth. I haven’t given up on making one for the floor but I got to explore the concept on a smaller scale and now I have even more ideas.   The original floor clothes were made from discarded sails, painted and placed under the table to catch crumbs. Adorning the wrist seem to be a logical step,  at least for me. I love that it can be made so unique by embellishing it with some embroidery.

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The second show we attended at the Textile Museum,

 I called it the flower show but it was really “Bliss: Garden real and imagined”. I went because I thought my girlfriend would enjoy it and I could endure. Not so much! My friend loved it but so did I. I liken this to the time I decided to put the word GOD back in my vocabulary. Why I removed GOD from my vocabulary was because of my own prejudices about religion.  Then I discovered the accumulated energy around the world and it was powerful. Well … flowers are similar.

I never use flowers in my work. Somewhere along the way I decided I am not a flower person, I filed them under too feminine, too over used and too pretty.  It must have been in a less enlightened time. I can’t believe I would discount such amazing beauty, such opportunity, and such accumulated history. My eyes have been opened, I am awake now!

The images are just a few from the show. It examined ways garden images have been used on textiles throughout history, all over the world. A timeless universal language.

Edited by Wendy Keir-Mattice

I’m not ready to leave summer behind, but the fall term is on it’s way. I have had the best summer, even though it was way too hot for me. I actually bought an air conditioner for my studio and even slept outside one night to escape the heat. This summer I took a trip for entirely personal reasons, I went north to the Yukon to visit my youngest son. The Yukon is truly amazing, the space, the landscape, the people, the food, the artists, the used book stores and just relaxing (okay … I did bring back some fantastic enamel pins by an artist in Juno.)

I never actually get away from the shop. It is a reflection of who I am, what I like and what interests me. I’m a pretty lucky person because I get to pursue my passion every day!

Near the end of the summer I treated myself to a day in Toronto with a girlfriend. It was supposed to be to celebrate my birthday but with our schedules, it didn’t occur until August 8th. Wow! What an amazing day. I saw four different shows that day so next four blogs I will give you an idea of what a great day I had.




The first show we went to Chihuilly exhibition. If you haven’t seen it get your butt out of that chair and get yourself down to the ROM. You only need coloured glass and light to alter your state of mind. Now seeing the glass, the colour, the forms, the contrast, the structure, the evolution of his work was truly mind blowing and humbling.  Take me at my word when I say “mind altering”. The whole thing was viewed from that artist’s state of mind. I loved it so much. Please don’t miss the reflections and the shadows. The displays are so powerfully vivid it’s difficult to look away, but look at the walls and down at the floor for the reflections and the shadows. For me half of this exciting show was the magic that occurred in the reflections and shadows. I was also lucky enough to be there with a room full of kids. The eyes of the children and the unbridled reaction, the joy spilling over and filling the room. I so wished I had brought my granddaughter to experience the magical fantasy world of Chihuilly. Please don’t miss it.

Edited by Wendy Keir-Mattice

I have a confession. I am cheating on you. I hope you will forgive me. I truly believe what I am doing will make me a better and more consistent blogger.

Every morning even before my coffee I write three pages. This exercise is called Morning Papers. I am re-establishing the pattern from years ago, in preparation for doing another one of Julia Cameron’s books. The first one I did, easily 25 plus years ago, was the Artist Way. The one I am planning on starting is titled  Finding Water. During this exploration I have come across two more books that I am working on The Accidental Genius by Mark Levy and Louder than Words: Harness the Power of Your Authentic Voice by Todd Henry. Both are demanding  my attention at the moment.

Both these books have shaken me to the core,  I am in transition.

I seem to be swimming in murky water, unknown territory! Every so often, these beautiful  sparkly or sometimes crystal  clear patches come floating by.  I get all excited  and head towards them but I can’t stay  within them. And I find myself once again in the murky unknown. Only this time I have a gurgling or bubbly sensation deep inside that in some way gives colour to fog and add a sense of excitement and hope,  for what is out there, or is it in here and gurgling up.

Other times, I feel  I have easy access to thousands of ideas kind of like I am reading a book, where all new ideas are stored. It is exciting and  yet overwhelming. I  am now trying to keep list.   Things are going by so quickly I seem to  lose whole concepts as they  pass through me.

Why am I telling you this, Good question? I just want you to know I am nearby, I am safe, I am searching, learning and changing. I treasure our time together and I am preparing to spend more time with you. Your attention, the fact you stop by and read this blog means a lot to me. You are a life raft.

I’d love to tell you I miss you but truth be told I am almost afraid to blog these days. I feel jagged and raw!  I am afraid to get out of the water. If I get out and sit in boat, I may never get back in.  I am out on a limb and as long as I keep looking at the view I am fine. It is when I look back at the tree or down at the ground things start to  slide  sideways. I want to write-through it…. but the consequences could be disastrous.

I am working on all kind of new ideas for the Fall term. Way too many! I hope I settle soon.

My summer is starting out with a trip up north to see my son. Dave and I are so very excited. Not only to see Aaron and Jess because it has been way too long but to see the north. I have only been up in the winter and experienced its silence in its colourless state, and Dave has never been. Also we haven’t had time off since the Japanese trip which  was cut short. We do love to travel and we love to travel together. I am giddy with anticipation.

This morning  I am teaching my linking leather class. I am so looking forward to it. It has two of my loves, leather and seedbeads. I am very excited about all the wet forming, I have been doing and exploring ways to share it in the fall. It is just  I know there is so much more to explore. I sense something major just beyond my reach. I know it has to do with my belief in myself not my  work. It is all so exciting.

Not only is my work changing… but my approach to my work is changing. I am changing I am becoming new!!