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Last weekend one of the customers said to Sue, “So next Saturday will be your last Saturday.” The sadness on her face was palatable. I won’t tell you her reply.  She can tell you herself when you come in but she did want more hours.

At the time I didn’t really think about the store closing as much as I thought of the Sue and the  loss she was feeling.  Today it dawned on me


I have been counting down the days, but not really thinking about endings. I have been, spreading my treasures into the world  and  saying hello as much as goodbye, to old friends.  When not doing that, I  focus on packing.   So it is time!!


to have a storefront EVER. So I am going to go out with a blast. Everything is

65% off 


Everything will be 65% off  for Saturday. Not sure about next week, will decide later. One thing I am sure I am going to make some noise and eat cake  at 5pm on Thursday March 29. If you are nearby please come on in for the final blast. I am hoping my grandkids will be there to help with some noise makers.

Thanks to each and everyone of you it has been a blast.

Oh I am keeping the blog and the name Beads of Colour going so stay in touch. Still more to come. Balloon Border2


I am awake early this morning because of a  nightmare.  Change is difficult for me. This is getting a little crazy.

The store did 175 customers last week. We actually did 50 on Saturday. My little shop!  Yesterday I merchandised the whole place. Last night I had nightmares.retirement-sign

The nightmare(not for the faint of heart) 

I was  lost in a noisy place trying to get direction to the office from all these men going by. Nobody paid any attention to me. They hurried past without even acknowledging me. It was like a central space that had tunnels going off in all directions. No light, no windows  and large tractor like machines pushing garbage around.  Finally a group of woman came by. They where dressed in lighter coloured clothes and had colourful helmets on. The men had been in th9GM1M2C1black suits. The woman where busy talking among themselves yet they told me how to get to the office . The way was tough. It was straight up hill, in mud and rock and I at times I had to crawl on all fours.  At other time I was up to my knees in mud. I finally got into this barren cement series of hallways. I started to do affirmations, You know….. I am strong, I am powerful, I can do this,…… over and over again. Well it didn’t work. I was jumped by a crowd of muddy men who began to rape me. Of course that is when I woke up. Oh to be thankful for reality. 

IthSMS1M0RQ am guessing I feel overwhelmed by the change and the people. This little store was just supposed to be my studio and it grew to be so important to so many. Thanks everyone for being such a big part of my life!

I am leaving the percentage discount at 50% this week. I have rearranged things so you can find your treasures. Still lots of amazing gems  left, come in and  stock up.

I have lots of findings, tools, resin, two holed beads, bricks, lentils, quads, super and mini duos and still have squares 3 and 4 ml. as well as drops and triangles. My elevens are still well stocked, still a reasonable selection of sixes and eights. A few o’s, metal beads and  fifteens left. Not much in delicas although the ten delicas not too bad. Nothing left in coloured metal beads. Lots of vintage beads and spacers. I have to admit it seems endless in the actually small bead category. thL0LXKJ2S

Next week is a short week so this is the last full week. The end of the month is Easter.

I think I am looking forward to seeing you. I am kidding of course I am, the reality is so much better than the dream this week. Come in say Hi and sign my book.

The new studio has met a snag.  The new windows are in, they look great from the outside but the inside, need reframing. I guess, I should have predicted this. The windows where old and not really meant to be forever. Someone was lined up to do the inside frame-work,  last week, but alas, not done.  Not sure I have the energy to do anything about it this week. The retirement sale is taking a lot more energy than I would have predicted.

The shelves have been restocked. So pretty well everything is out on the floor now. My at home stash has only been dipped into. Not sure I am going to get to it before the sale ends, maybe!!

This week I am doing 50% off everything

Still lots of wonderful treasures. Although some things are gone. Things I didn’t have extra of, ie,  coloured metal beads, needles if you can believe that, full  kits of one-g thread, some of my findings like knot covers and backing for earrings broche backs, strange things. I have to say my delicas looks picked over, yet I still have lots of great colours of 11, which is my biggest seller. The magatamas have not even been touched. I am guessing because they are not with the other seed beads and nobody has noticed them.

Physically I am tired, up and down ladders,  moving things around and keeping the shop clean. So much so that I actually take Sunday off and do nothing. I mean nothing- I just sit and stare at the lake.

I am ignoring the emotional aspect of the sale. The collection is going to good homes so I am happy about seeing everything go out the door.

Once again it is relationships!!! We learn and we grow and we become by connecting to people. I have made so many friends over the years. I have learned so much I have grown and become the person I have fallen in love with. It is really really hard to say goodbye. Sometimes I am a little dazed and not sure what to say. I  have had 99 customers this week. Many came in, in a daze themselves. They saw the sign and just had to come in and say WHAT is this really true!!! Several were so upset they didn’t want to shop and had to came back later. It is a  real compliment to have been part of such a magical place that has been so special to so many people.  So far most of my tears are when I am alone.

Both, looking forward to and a little nervous of the coming week.



I have had a whole week of saying Goodbye as my retirement sale continues. My family has always teased me about how I don’t do change well. Saying Goodbye is even worse.  Sometimes I  just don’t do it,  I disappear when it is time.

Well I am powering through. Spirit has given me the task of saying goodbye for 5 weeks.  My heart is not breaking as I would have thought, but growing. This little colourful piece of the universe that I have called home for 20 years has become important to so many people. They come in to let me know, not only the store will be missed, but I will be missed. They tell me how the  girls and I  have been there for them on those hard to bear days, how the classes have made them challenge themselves,  or how our confidence in them have made them believe in themselves.  I have learned this  bright colourful place has been a oasis in the world, where they can stop drink and play.

Unfortunately it is through shock they express this. For this I am sorry. I feel badly that I couldn’t give all of you some warning.  I am walking toward something but for you I have created a void. It was a difficult decision and it was not made lightly. I thought I had looked at it from  all the angles. I never imagined other  people would experience such sadness. For me I am closing the store front, not shutting down my creativity. It is just  the store front has become a door  for others into their own creativity. I am so proud of what this little store has become. Together we created a portal to the world of forever. Trust me once you have experienced this transition you never forget it. It may take you some time to find  another link but it is there.  The path is well-worn and has lots of makers. We are all traveling together.

On my mother’s grave marker I had written” The journey continues”  Doors are just beginnings, once we are on the other side. Even if we close them  behind us  it only means we can’t come back this way. We need  just need to find another path.  The destinations still exist. Trust me the search for the way is just sooo much fun!!

I just can’t help myself with this one.

So this week everything is from 30% to as much as 60%. Visit soon and often because things will change.


I thought I would absolutely hate selling off my amazing collection of beads, findings, metal stampings, tools, crystal, pearls and more.  Guess what it’s a blast. Mostly, because everyone that comes in thinks…. WOW!!

It is exciting to see everyone and to see them taking home theiretreasures. It is humbling to have so many warm wishes and concern. The warm wishes and memories are fabulous. Please no need for concern. I feel great! I am excited about this new chapter and plan on collaborating with some of the amazing artists I have met over the years.

I was sure this was going to feel like ripping off a bandage slowly but it is not. I feel like I am spreading sunshine and lollipops out into the word.  Who would have thought.

Below image is of some of “the lots” ready for today! Sold at a 50% savings mostly.lots Come on down, be part of the fun.



Longhorne Slim and the Law

Things could be stranger but I don’t know how
I’m going through changes now
I’ve spent a lifetime trying to figure it out
I’m going through changes now

And I’ve just begun
Under a purple sun

There’s many reasons we are what we become
I’m going through changes, ripping out pages
I’m going through changes now



Ripping out pages sounds so scary and final. Thats not how I feel. I am excited and sad. I am tired and energized and I am  hopeful and terrified.

Right at this very moment as I write this, I am cautious. As a young person I hated change and fought against it. I think mostly because I was insecure and change just heightened my insecurities. I have learned that change does bring challenges.  From those  challenges arise opportunities!  When I look back, change was necessary and  made me who I am.

So why cautious? Because I am telling you this in a blog! I would like to be face to face. I would like to be telling you one on one, because you deserve it.

I hope you all realize that I think of you as friends, some even family but I have another role. I own a bead store.  My relationship with each and everyone of you is unique. I want to believe that I am a source of inspiration, as much as you are to me.  A resource to solve your bead problems and sometimes a shoulder to cry on.

You have helped me become the person I am, you have been there for me in tough times and you have helped feed and cloth me. I have loved our journey together. I am sure you have all figured out by now the news. I am having difficulty putting it down on paper. I am retiring and closing the bead store.

Oh I’ve been along for one hell of a ride
even though I may be falling apart whoa it’s been a beautiful life

Ah, the silver lining. This is not the end. I am busy building a studio space at the Lake House. I have many ideas I want to spend time on. Some half baked, some are cooked but need redesigning, and some totally new directions I want to explore. I will do my best to keep you informed.  The company taking over my lease (the hair salon  the other half of my world) is considering renting me a little space in the back for my metal benches. I will keep you updated.

Ok, that is a lot to take in.

What you need to know is I am selling off my inventory and I am going to de-stash.

 I know it is a a lot of work but I am going to do my best. Most people think about selling over the internet – it is not what I want to do. For me it is you I like!! I like interacting with you!! I like seeing your faces!! I like one on one!! Taking orders over the internet doesn’t do it for me. It wasn’t the selling of beads that kept me engaged all these years, it was relationships. Being around all the colour and expressing myself in beads making jewelery and teaching sweetened the pot. I am not giving that up. I love the craft and will continue, except now I might be sitting beside you in class.

So I can hear you screaming When? When is this happening? My last day is Thursday March 29th.

Liquidation starts tomorrow.

Starting with 25% off , destashing and some lots  that will be marked  50% off 

Words are multifaceted, and yet  we have done are best to make them black and white . We believe by doing this we make communication clearer. I am not sure we have. Time is much more than what you read on the clock.

I am up early this morning! I have had two play days this week at the store. My mind is full! Yet I have two more workshops I am doing on Wednesday and another play date next Sunday. It never rains but it pours! Truly the mind is amazing what it can absorb and expand on. The vastness of the inner space is unfathomable.

I so want to have the space to spend time with you. To catch both, you and myself up on what I have been doing. When I say space I don’t mean just time, I am referring to  a perfect space much like the perfect storm, where time, ideas, quietness and thought all come together. I know writers discipline themselves by writing ever day. Unfortunately discipline is not my major personality trait. I have always worked with intuition. I am busy with the store and family, therefore my own work,………  that is not the right phrase, because store and family are my focus, therefore  at the moment that is my work and therefore my journey and my learning .  Even the term work has been truncated and simplified.  The word work makes what I do way to impersonal. What I am saying is, I crave this process of talking to you and catching you up. It gives me such clarity and understanding and I always  feel renewed and hopeful. More than hopeful, powerful and clear.

The process of trying to communicate with  you and draw you into my life helps me to observe my own journey. It gets me out of ego and places me smack in the middle of my truth.  So at the moment,  I am collecting data that together we will turn into wisdom. Please be patient!  My taro card  on New Years day was the hangman on . With endings come new beginnings. The world is shifting but I am upright riding the wave.!

I didn’t watch the golden globes but this morning I looked up this and it touched me to me core. This is a very significant  moment in our history!