Conflict, when handled correctly, strengthens.
Benjamin Watson

Last weekend was a whirl wind.   It was both a blessing and a deep ache to have so many people come in. I loved seeing everyone. I really did. My problem is not enough time to talk with people. I had no idea it would be as difficult as it is to see people and not have time to catch up. It never rains but it pours. I know I need to be just grateful that so many customers came. I am fortunate and unfortunate that they were there to shop not and not chat with me. As always, the conflict of wanting to talk and wanting to let people shop was there stronger than ever.

“Each person bears a uniqueness that asks to be lived and that is already present before it can be lived.” – James Hillman

Related imageLife seems to be a conflict. Letting go of all the wonderful things I have collected, difficult. Seeing them go to good homes and all the happy faces as they carry home their treasures, priceless (as the commercial goes). A lot went out the door last weekend, yet it doesn’t even look like there are any holes in the displays. Ok maybe a few. I did bring three more boxes to restock, as well as did a little restocking on Sunday. So, come down and see, still lots to choose from. The prices are incredible. I am guessing this weekend I will have more time to chat.

I would like to mention that we had a little problem with our new Square payment system last weekend. A few transactions didn’t go through, mostly Saturday morning. We know the transactions, (or the exact amount,)  just not the names of the people who didn’t pay.  They actually  think they did  pay, because the square got switched to cash, only they gave us a card. So do me a favour and either phone and we will tell you the amount and approximate time or check your visa (or whichever card) bill and see if your transaction went through.

The sale continues two more weekends:
this weekend.
Saturday October 12, 10 am-6 pm
Sunday October 13, 10 am- 4 pm

next weekend.
Saturday October 19, 10 am-6 pm
Sunday October 20, 10 am-4 pm

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Resized_20190923_144417 (002)Everyone knows next weekend starts 3 weekends of clearance sale. That means company! Some of my all time favourite people are coming.  Now most people would  spend this weekend planning for company.  Instead I am headed to a


Susan Lenart Kazmer at the course I took in Mexico.

workshop with Susan Lenart Kazmer, in her studio in Cleveland. The weekend after, I closed the store, even before I packed up, I spent it  in a workshop with Susan, at “Charmed I’m Sure” in Mechanicburgs, PA a studio owned and operated by Jean VanBrederade. I have explored other things this year but my metal work and Susan Lenart Kazmer have been a major recuring theme. The main theme is finding my voice, hearing my voice, expressing myself and sharing my voice. I am extremely excited about this  weekend because for me it begins a six month mentoring program with Susan. So in a way I am preparing for company. I am preparing myself to be myself. I am not dusting the shelves in the back room or repackaging beads. I am moving forward with my understanding of why I do what I do. Why I love & what I love. Who I am in relationship, to all the fabulous people that are coming, to renew friendships and build new ones. To share our stories and fill in the missed chapters. I am


My ring from the Course in Mexico

adding to my story. Looking forward to catching up and sharing. I know this may seem a little like justification but I am retired.


Just to qualify, I have been working hard. I have lots of beads sorted but I am pretty sure I am not going to get it all done. I think you will be very happy with what I am offering and my presentation. So come out and join in the fun & bring your story.


My mother always said “if you don’t advertise, it is like whispering in the dark. ” I was never sure where this expression came from, yet it always stuck with me.

So, I try to see advertisement that way, telling people, that want to know, you have  what they want.

Now I am going a step further. I am giving you some incentive to come out. Hopefully these door prizes will be motivational.

I have a door prize for each of the weekends. If you buy something on the specific weekend your name will go into the draw. I will draw the name as we close the doors on Sunday evening. This may help you plan when you are going to visit, or not.

Here is the first door prize for the October 5th and 6th. Beading wire. At sometime during my stores history I was sent samples of all kinds of colours of beading wire. IMG_9060-(002)I never brought it in because I just felt it was too much to keep inventory of. It looked like fun and felt someday I would design some pieces where the colour mattered. Of course I didn’t get there and so the first prize.

The second weekend the October 12th and 13th is a plastic case of about 40 tubes of  size 8 beads. I find the size eight beads are universal, beaders like them because they work up fast, knitters love them the holes are big and they can be seen, textile people quilters, embroiders sewers etc. love the texture they add to a piece.


The third and final weekend, I felt I wanted to encourage everyone to stop by and see what is left, so I have a troll bead bracelet, with a lock and one bead. I was not planning on selling off troll beads, but this makes me think maybe on the last weekend I will sell them off.  Not as big a discount but a discount. IMG_9069-(002)

I am getting really excited. All three spaces, 2 studios and storage unit are disasters but it is fun. I am hoping it all pulls together. I just have to have faith.


We are a constantly invited to be who we are.
Henry David Thoreau

I have had a mantra that I have been saying for years. It has changed over the years and yet the core has remained the same. Funny how I didn’t totally, understand all that I was doing with this mantra. Some part of me believed I was clearing the path to my destiny. Recently I saw it from a different angle, I was constantly inviting myself to be Me! Perspective can be important.
Here is my mantra for those that are interested:

I release all people. places, things and thought patterns not within my divine destiny
All people, places, things and thought patterns not within my divine destiny release me
I am attracted to all people, place, things and thought patterns within my divine destiny
All people, places, things and thought patterns within my divine destiny are attracted to me.

familly photos_0117
As I prepare for this sale and go through all the beautiful things, I have collected over the years this mantra is getting a workout. I am doing my best to trust I will release the things that I am not going to use in my future work and therefore no longer serving me. I am also trusting those people will come to get the things that will serve them. It may sound a little romantic to some or some may see it as hokey. I am finding it a revealing, intimate and exhausting process. Progress is impossible without change. I will try and take some pictures for next time. Debi

Authenticity is the alignment of the head, mouth, heart and feet, -thinking, saying, feeling and doing.
Lance Secretan

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The sale is
Location it is familiar. Same location, just the Backdoor off the parking lot.
Backdoor Beads Of Colour store,
65 Main Street, Dundas
October 5-6
October 12-13
October 19-20

Saturday 9-6
Sunday 10-4
Friday the 4th and Friday the 11th from 4-6 will be for reconnecting. Those that want to come for a pot-luck finger food evening, we will get together from 4-6 on the 4th. The following Friday we will repeat, except bring Show-and-tell. I have also the next Friday the 18th booked if we want to continue.

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality”

John Lennon 

Louise event volunters

The past year has been a dream. I have been collecting knowledge. I have taken 8 courses and read countless books on both textile and metal work. I have spent hours and hours and hours in my studio doing my best to use the knowledge and create my new reality. I am pumped. I love that I am on a new path. Yet I miss community. Oh, I have met people, but it seems mostly these connections must be maintained over the internet. We all know thats not my style. I miss the sense of community we had, the connection.

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people, when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship”
Breneﹶ Brown

Dave has given us another chance to connect. He has also giving me a chance to purge and make room for all my new dreams. So I am doing a pop-up store. I will also destash as much as possible. Of course, I have a lot of beautiful things I have collected over 24 years. Now, I want to sort and share.

Location it is familiar. Same location, just the Backdoor off the parking lot.
Backdoor Beadstore,
65 Main Street, Dundas
October 5-6
October 12-13
October 19-20
Saturday 9-6
Sunday 10-4
To reconnect with community Friday the 4th and Friday the 11th from 4-6 will be for just that. Those that want to come for pot-luck finger food evening, we will get together from 4-6 on the 4th. The following Friday we will repeat, except bring Show-and-tell. I have also the next Friday the 18th booked if we want to continue.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. I am so excited about getting together again.


A Wrinkle in Time

You will be missed Beads of Colour. You have been my “wrinkle in time” for the past twenty years, my connection to a part of the universe that may have gone unnoticed otherwise.

Thank you for introducing me to a richness of humanity that has made me laugh and has made me cry but has shown me the light in the darkness.
Thank you for allowing me to express my creative self and be a part of this

Eva Sherman's class Sunday

Happy Student on Sunday afternoon

creative community.
Thank you for giving us fodder for our Friday night rants that will last for years to come.
Thank you for the opportunity to test my abilities and prove that perseverance is a quality that I enjoy.
Thank you sending so many creative souls my way. It was daily stimulation that stimulated growth and expansion.
Thank you for the staff and coworkers, both, present and past, they have been supportive and have shown me so much care and dedication. We know It takes a village.
Thank you for sending so many creative souls my way to enrich my life.
Thank-you for, the money, giving me some financial independence.
Thank you for


the teachers who have created classes and presented them at the store. Together have created an climate of art that was stimulating. The variety and skill level of these teachers was unparalleled. Their willingness to share has enriched so many.
Thank you for the opportunity to work with my sister Wendy, a computer science wizard. It has kept our relationship strong and connected doing store projects over the years.
Thank you for the beads. I am so blessed. My children and their grandchildren will not want for beads.
Thank you for the travel adventures Dave and I have enjoyed searching out beads around the globe.tucson-cactis-3-_
Thank you for introducing me to the vendors who connect with me in a special way. Their appreciation, of the effort and creativity demanded to operate a store, has been rewarding. Right from that very first one, from Detroit who set the pace with “this aint a hobby honey”.
Thank you for providing a warm place to meet with such a variety of personalities. Each and every one is cherished and has contributed to who I am. This wonderful location and atmosphere is a gem.
Thank you for showing me who I am and who I can be in spite of my flaws.
Thank you for demanding me to be strong and stand up for myself to create something unique.
Thank you for accepting my faults and sticking it out with me.
Thank you for making me realize that I am ok in spite of my flaws, maybe even because of them.
It is a sad day in that this chapter is closing. It has created a depth, a richness to our lives that I cannot say enough about.
Thank you, Beads of Colour. You are loved. You are the Wrinkle in Time to my universe.Louise event volunters

Oh I am doing 65% off for the last three days. Come in and make my packing easier. Truly my grandchildren do not need this many beads. And come and be part of the noisy exit on Thursday March 29th between 4 and 5.

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Last weekend one of the customers said to Sue, “So next Saturday will be your last Saturday.” The sadness on her face was palatable. I won’t tell you her reply.  She can tell you herself when you come in but she did want more hours.

At the time I didn’t really think about the store closing as much as I thought of the Sue and the  loss she was feeling.  Today it dawned on me


I have been counting down the days, but not really thinking about endings. I have been, spreading my treasures into the world  and  saying hello as much as goodbye, to old friends.  When not doing that, I  focus on packing.   So it is time!!


to have a storefront EVER. So I am going to go out with a blast. Everything is

65% off 


Everything will be 65% off  for Saturday. Not sure about next week, will decide later. One thing I am sure I am going to make some noise and eat cake  at 5pm on Thursday March 29. If you are nearby please come on in for the final blast. I am hoping my grandkids will be there to help with some noise makers.

Thanks to each and everyone of you it has been a blast.

Oh I am keeping the blog and the name Beads of Colour going so stay in touch. Still more to come. Balloon Border2